Why do I need an interior partition

In recent years, studio apartments have become increasingly popular in the real estate market. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is the desire to get the most spacious space from the limited quadrature of modern new buildings. However, when happy buyers begin repairs, they are faced with a planning problem. Indeed, if several people live in the apartment or guests often come, to separate the private zone from “three in one” - the living room, kitchen, study - becomes urgently necessary. At the same time, I don’t want to lose the space, breaking the capital walls ...

Another popular redevelopment option for apartments with several rooms is to combine the kitchen with the neighboring room. This technique allows you to significantly expand the recreation area in the apartment and get a spacious kitchen-living room or kitchen-dining room. But here, the lack of a wall significantly limits the functionality of the room. Guests will not be too comfortable sleeping "in the kitchen", and if it is a kitchen with a gas stove, then separating it is strictly necessary according to the standards and violation of this rule is fraught with problems with housing inspection and BTI.
To simultaneously maintain the spaciousness of the studio apartment or large kitchen-living room and at the same time be able to transform the space depending on the situation, use sliding interior partitions. We have applied this solution more than once in the projects “Housing Question” and “Country Answer”.

For example, in the Amber Room alteration, in order to get a large and spectacular space, we combined the kitchen with the next room, but we provided for the possibility of separation: a movable glass partition in the loft style perfectly serves as a movable wall. And in the project "Country answer" "Kitchen under the anti-aircraft lights" the situation was completely non-standard. Initially, the host had a kitchen-bedroom with a real bed. We remade it into the kitchen-living room, but when the owner or guest needs to stay for the night, he will simply lay out the glass sheets folding in a book. The folding partitions for these projects were manufactured by the Mixal company, which has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of such structures.

Moving walls

The task of the interior partition is to divide the common space into two separate rooms, if necessary, and when the entire area is used, the partitions should not occupy excess space and interfere with the inhabitants of the house. One of the most successful designs for this is a cascade system. Sections of such a partition are interconnected and, when moving, go one after another, leaving up to 80% of the opening open.
Flat floor

Beauty and comfort are born in the little things. The technology of fastening the Mixal partitions to the ceiling does not require the installation of guide rails in the floor. Thus, there are no thresholds in the area where the partition is located, that is, there are no obstacles to walking and opportunities for injury. Also, the absence of a threshold significantly expands the design capabilities of flooring.
Individuality for all

The partition can be glass to let in light, wooden, metal for a loft interior and even with fabric trim. At the same time, such a product should be designed exactly for the size and characteristics of your room. Own production and design department "Mixal" will help in solving even very complex problems: the manufacture of high (up to three meters) paintings, various levels of sound insulation, decor of the canvas with any materials. Unlike standard solutions, this approach ensures that you get the result that you really need.

Based on materials from the Mixal company

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