Mistakes in Kitchen Design

Learn from the mistakes of others: we talk about the most common and advise how to avoid them.

If in the living room it’s quite possible to re-stick wallpaper or outweigh the lamps, then in the kitchen any mistake can become fatal: it is unlikely that you will want to redo the headset or re-wall the walls. We collected the most common mistakes in one article and told how to avoid them even at the stage of interior design.

Mistake 1: low storage space

In pursuit of a spacious, air-filled kitchen, many apartment owners use a minimum of furniture. The reverse side of the coin - there will be not enough storage space and all vertical surfaces will be jammed with jars and boxes.

Solution: if you cook a lot, do not give up full-fledged wall cabinets: maybe you should make them to the ceiling? If you decide to save space due to compact equipment, nevertheless leave the refrigerator high and roomy - it will not be easy to replace it later.

Mistake 2: uncomfortable working triangle

Too great a distance between the vertices of the “working triangle” —wash, stove and refrigerator — is just as inconvenient as setting them back to back.

Solution: ideally, the perimeter of the kitchen triangle should not be less than 3 meters and more than 7.5 meters. If the layout of the room allows, it is better to choose an "island" or a U-shaped design - everything will be at hand.

Mistake 3: narrow passages

If you put the furniture too close, then the drawers are unlikely to be fully extended - in addition, you will almost have no room for passage.

Solution: when designing a headset, keep in mind that between the facades of a U-shaped kitchen or a kitchen with an “island” there should be at least 120 cm. It is advisable to set a dining table at the same distance.

Mistake4: handles that prevent opening drawers

It would seem that the protruding handles on the facades are a trifle. But they can reduce the opening angle of the cabinet door or prevent the drawer from being pulled out.

Solution: pay attention to the shape and size of the pens: it’s better to abandon them altogether. Modern manufacturers of household appliances also do not stand still: the Miele K20.000 refrigerator is equipped with the Click2open function - it is convenient to use.

Mistake 5: unaesthetic ventilation system

Any, even the most elegant, hood can spoil bulky air ducts stretching from the air vent.

Solution: hide the communications in a drywall box under the ceiling. Or prefer a hood with a carbon filter. She doesn’t need an air duct: just remember to change the filter regularly.


Mistake 6: shelves instead of drawers

A cabinet with shelves is a more economical option than exactly the same with drawers. The desire to maintain a family budget is understandable, but what about the things on the back wall that are almost impossible to get to?

Solution: do not completely refuse the drawers, plan at least a few. Then the search for the right thing will cease to resemble an archaeological site.

Mistake 7: lack of additional outlets

After the repair, it sometimes turns out that the owners planned sockets for the built-in appliances and a kettle, but what about the rest of the devices that need to be turned on?

Solution: calculate in advance how many household appliances you use on the farm. Believe me, few people have done without a mixer, blender or coffee maker. For them, it is necessary to provide sockets - and, of course, a place on the countertop.

Mistake 8: little light

Cooking in the dark is a dubious pleasure. Yes, and every day you hardly want to dine in the twilight. Therefore, not only convenience in cooking, but also mood depends on the number of lighting devices in the kitchen.

Solution: in the kitchen, provide for several levels of illumination - the upper light directed to the working area, the built-in lamps under the upper drawers, the lamp above the dining table or bar counter.

Mistake 9: lack of “buffer zones” on the countertop

Remember your movements in the kitchen: first we take the products out of the refrigerator, then wash them and already start cooking. If you have not foreseen the space near the points of the “working triangle”, you will have to endure discomfort constantly.

Solution: Leave a minimum of 15 cm on each side of the refrigerator, sink and hob. If the oven is located separately, you need to leave space near it.

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Mistakes in Kitchen Design

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