Kitchen layout

The matter is so serious that it requires maximum attention and prudence. So jokes aside. You are designing not just one of the rooms, but your future lifestyle.


Any kitchen set resembles a set of cubes that must be correctly placed along the walls. Although why along the walls? If you have an area of ​​more than 7 square meters, other options are possible!

The historically linear arrangement of kitchen tables and cabinets with a “nape to the wall” dates back to the time of the first inexpensive houses built in Germany in the 1920s. The architect Gretta Likhotsky proposed such a unified option for all proletarian cuisines, and then this was the only possible solution that triumphantly migrated to everyday life.

Meanwhile, in America they never heard about Likhotsky’s work and placed the sink separately, by the window. In general, they did the right thing, since washing dishes and products is a long process that requires good lighting. Where, if not at the window, to do it?

In a word, we urge everyone to break a straight kitchen line as an old stereotype, if there is at least the slightest opportunity. There is no more tedious scheme of movement in the kitchen than scurrying back and forth along one line.

Best of all, if the main operating points - stove, sink, cutting table - make up a triangle. How to achieve this? To build kitchen “cubes” with the letter P, which will hug you, as it were, minimizing possible runs (in this situation, a slight turn of the body is enough).

It is also very good to set a separate block island in the middle of the kitchen - of course, if the area allows. You will cook facing the rest of the inhabitants, and if your kitchen is combined with the living room, then most of the apartment will be in sight. Such a review is simply necessary for young parents: babies, as a rule, prefer to play in the immediate vicinity of their mother, and the kitchen is a danger zone

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Mistakes in Kitchen Design

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