How to ensure the functionality of kitchen furniture

It is human nature to surround oneself with beautiful and comfortable things. This principle is used to create an individual space for life. Decor, lighting, furniture - these are the components of the interior, which must correspond to a certain style, combine with each other and please the owner’s eye.

But the furniture carries not only a design, but also a functional task: the doors must open, drawers extend, and the facades of the upper buildings rise. The quality of the functioning of furniture largely depends on the accessories used in its production.

The smooth sliding of the guides, the full extension of the drawers, the soft silent closing of the facades provide comfort and durability of operation, as well as cause positive emotions. And, of course, Blum remains the most famous and high-quality hardware manufacturer in all these cases.

All of the above is especially true in the kitchen, because we spend a lot of time here. Many people heard about the kitchen triangle - a refrigerator, a sink, a stove. We recommend that you pay attention to two more areas: the work surface between the sink and stove and the storage area for dishes. For a complete idyll, we’ll add a storage cabinet with storage drawers next to the refrigerator.

To keep everything at hand, we will decompose all objects and products in the areas where they are used. For example, it would be nice to place knives, mixers, and other food processing accessories under the worktop, in the washing zone there is a U-shaped drawer for storing detergents, and in the hot zone there are deep drawers with pots and pans.

In the lower cases it is better to use drawers of full extension - this provides a good overview and access to even the farthest corners of the cabinet. For the upper bodies there are a variety of lifting mechanisms that are more ergonomic and safe than swing doors.

To restore the perfect order inside the cabinets, it is necessary to use internal dividers that help you quickly find any little thing, which is important in everyday life.

We hope that this article will help you in choosing furniture fittings and creating a modern and comfortable interior. Choose Blum, and your furniture will delight you with convenience and functionality for many years.

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