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In our work on interiors, we strive for conciseness, harmony and completeness.

All details and accents should be meaningful and consistent with the overall logic of the project. At the same time, interiors should be light and functional.

Modernity, the use of natural materials, functionality, manufacturability and an individual approach are what we adhere to when working on our projects. Our priority is to create the most comfortable space for active people, and people who are trying to escape from the hustle and bustle. Therefore, we remove all unnecessary for comfort and convenience.

The main feature of our work is that we try to minimize computer design. WHY?

Very simple again, work on the bugs ....

Any modern program does not take into account the errors of a room or building structure. Does not take into account the location of the room in terms of light factors and much more.

This is a frequent case when a designer creates a project based on drawings and plans without making independent measurements. Agree, it’s a shame when the expensive tabletop of your dreams custom made turns out to be shorter and you have to change the whole project. We minimize such oversights.

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